Clem & Margaret Turner Therapy Practice

Professional hypnotherapy and related treatments to improve your life
Our hypnotherapy practice can help with any issues such as anxiety, stress, worry, OCD, losing weight, stop smoking, job worries

Welcome to the Clem and Margaret Turner Therapy Practice. We are highly experienced hypnotherapy practitioners, committed to helping our clients overcome their issues, fears and difficulties.

Our professional treatments are delivered online by Zoom into the comfort of your own home.  As a result of this very effective method we are able to provide help to anywhere in the world. Or if necessary you can book a face-to-face appointment.

We use a variety of proven techniques such as: (click each for a brief description)

We always treat clients as individuals, and we carefully tailor therapies to your specific needs.

Please explore our website, which provides lots of free information about our therapies and methods.

We have created a hypnotherapy blog to help with many mental issues such as anxiety, depression, worries, OCD and much more

It's important to keep in touch with our clients. For that reason we've created a hypnotherapy blog which contains the latest news about our Practice and our successful methods, and great advice and tips on staying healthy. It's updated every few days with new content. Click here to visit our blog!

Our FAQ's page answers some of the most common questions people ask about our treatments. In addition it explains how these treatments can make a really positive difference to your life.

Our practice is very flexible. Consequently you can choose whether you would prefer a male or female practitioner. Please visit Clem's page or Margaret's page to view what we both specialize in, or call us today on 07958 689377 or 07960 788093

Alternatively you can e-mail us: or  We are here to help you. 


New article - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

PTSD is something that doesn't only affect members of the Armed Forces. In fact it can also be caused by a serious accident, military combat, living in a war zone, or being affected by earthquakes or other natural disasters.  Other causes are terrorist incidents, or an unexpected birth trauma such as prolonged labour or a difficult birth.  In addition, it can be the result of being a victim of crime, including physical or sexual assault as an adult or in childhood. Furthermore, it can affect health professionals who experience trauma in their daily work.
Over many years we have created special treatments aimed at dealing successfully with PTSD - either one-to-one or by Zoom.  Read our new PTSD article here, or call us on 07958 689377 for more information, and make your life worth living again!

Therapist Corner - Professional Training for Therapists

Clem Turner and Margaret Turner regularly run excellent  CPD Training Workshops and Courses for qualified hypnotherapists.  These workshops give the delegates added knowledge of their treatment programmes and advanced skills, which they can use with their clients.
In addition we also offer accredited Supervision sessions for Qualified Hypnotherapists who are members of the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR).  These sessions are either one-to-one or by Skype or Zoom.