Cutting Down on Alcohol (MP3 download)


This self-hypnotic recording will help you to reduce your alcohol intake and get back in control.


Cutting Down on Alcohol

Have you realised you may have a drinking problem? Excessive drinking of alcohol has become much more of a problem than most people realise. Many people simply don’t know how much alcohol they are drinking each week. In fact many don’t know how to work it out, and worse still, some just don’t want to know.

It’s well known that drinking has an impact on health.

It can easily cause problems, not just for you but also for your family and relationships. In fact it ruins many people’s lives, and ignoring the possibility that excessive drinking is affecting you is, frankly, simply burying your head in the sand.

Any behaviour which is regularly repeated becomes a habit. That’s something you do automatically without even thinking about it, because that habit is in your subconscious mind.  Left unchecked, that habit really can turn into a major drinking problem.

This recording makes targeted suggestions directly to your subconscious to help with excessive drinking.

Those suggestions aim to deal with the habit and help you reduce your alcohol intake. 

If you are getting concerned that your drinking has increased recently, and you want to change things, then this MP3 download is just right for you.

Take this step to regain control over how you enjoy life. And cutting down on alcohol has great health benefits too!