Polyvagal Theory for Hypnotherapists – One Day CPD Workshop


Online Live via Zoom.  Counts as 6 hours CPD.

Date: 18th November 2023

10am – 4.30pm

Discounted Rate for members of the GHR, NCH and BIH:  £150 (standard price £170)


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Polyvagal Theory for Hypnotherapists – One Day CPD Workshop Live via Zoom

This one-day Polyvagal Theory workshop will introduce approaches to therapy which can bring long-term, positive change to clients, more certainly and more rapidly.

The polyvagal theory explains a person’s responses to life’s challenges and stresses, because it focuses on the autonomic nervous system and its influence on what we do and how we feel.  The system has three states: one of safety and homeostasis which we often call the rest and digest state.  This allows us to engage with others and is the ideal state for successful therapy.  Then there is the survival response known as fight or flight.  The third state is the most primitive state from our evolutionary past – the freeze state.

With knowledge of Stephen Porges’ polyvagal theory we can engage the social nervous systems of both therapist and client.  We discover how empathy and rapport incorporate experiences of mutuality and reciprocity into trancework.  As a result, rapport develops into genuine therapeutic alliance.

So working on a client’s issues effectively needs us to understand our client’s current experience.  We will look at ways to do so by utilising the science of safety in hypnotherapy

 On the Polyvagal Theory Workshop you will:

  • discover the importance of vagal status
  • have an opportunity to evaluate your own status
  • learn how to use powerful, experiential trancework without overwhelming your client
  • use knowledge of social engagement states in therapy
  • receive worksheets and practice using them
  • receive transcripts of example session work to use in your own practice
  • harness powerful neuroscience to provide complete, transformational outcomes for client

About your Tutor:  Christopher Pearson

Polyvagal Theory by Christopher PearsonChris began with counselling almost 25 years ago.  He incorporated hypnosis into his work in 2008.  Having established a well-regarded general hypnotherapy practice in West Yorkshire, Chris began to work with clients having specific neurological conditions.  He studied clinical neuropsychotherapy, gaining Certified Neuropsychotherapy Practitioner at CSDC, Brisbane Royal and Women’s Hospital in 2017 and then a post-graduate degree in Neuropsychotherapy, also in Queensland, Australia.

Following that, Christopher studied Coherence Psychotherapy with Bruce Ecker and Polyvagal Theory in Therapy with Deb Dana.

He now works with clients globally, online, alongside teaching and training, and clinical supervision.

What’s included?

This workshop includes handouts covering the presentation and practical work, along with worksheets that can be used with clients, and we include trance work scripts that can be used in sessions plus continuing support by e-mail, as necessary. Finally, we will issue a Certificate of Completion following the workshop.

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