Mindfulness Matters


Mindfulness Matters – a two-day Course leading to a recognised qualification in Mindfulness

Date to be announced for early spring 2021  10am – 4.30pm

Cost:  £297

Venue: Eastwood Hall, Mansfield Road, Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, NG16 3SS – or by live-stream via Zoom from anywhere in the world

Phone 01623 556234 to book your place, or EMAIL US


Mindfulness Matters – a two-day Course leading to a recognised qualification in Mindfulness

How can you help clients reduce anxiety, or overcome feelings of isolation – even in their own homes?

The answer is mindfulness meditation.

This course has been designed specifically for those working in the therapy and coaching professions. Following the course you will be able to use mindfulness to support individual clients, run mindfulness groups and work with schools.

Mindfulness is rapidly becoming one of the most widely applied “talk therapies”. GPs are now even prescribing books on mindfulness to patients as an alternative to low doses of anti depressants or anti anxiety medication. By combining the power of mindfulness with current therapy or coaching practices, participants will be able to equip clients with effective and lasting tools to deal with a variety of issues including: anxiety, self harm, stress, depression, help relieve stress, lower blood pressure, reduce chronic pain, improve sleep, alleviate gastrointestinal difficulties, and obsessive-compulsive disorder to name but a few.

About the Course:

The 2-day course is highly practical in nature and participants have the opportunity to experience mindfulness and its component elements throughout the course. Participants will be given a workbook for use during the two days and at the end of the workshop will receive a downloadable link containing:

  • All the presentation material used
  • Handouts of exercises to be used with groups and in schools

On the programme you will learn everything you need to practise mindfulness successfully with your clients, and to grow your business into new areas including corporations and schools.

Among the topics covered are:

  • How to teach Mindfulness
  • Developing your own practice
  • Helping clients develop a mindfulness practice.
  • Practical elements of leading mindfulness sessions.
  • Applying mindfulness to different issues
  • Mindfulness in specific contexts
  • Self-compassion
  • Areas of potential growth for your practice, including group mindfulness classes, working with schools and working with corporations.  This will include the challenges and benefits of using mindfulness remotely.

Upon successful completion of the course you will be awarded a Certificate in Mindfulness Matters from the Complimentary Medicine Association.

Picture of Julie Hurst
Julie Hurst

About the Tutor:

Julie Hurst, MSc,  is a psychologist, coach and hypnotherapist.  She has Psychology, CBT, hypnotherapy, EMDR, pain management, mindfulness, and coaching. She runs both a corporate practice working with major companies throughout the UK on issues such as stress, depression and anxiety in the workplace, as well as a private practice in which she specialises in supporting adults who’ve suffered trauma and/or abuse. Her work has appeared frequently in the media including radio and television.

The cost of the Course includes all handouts and materials, certificate of attendance plus ongoing support by phone or email. Those people attending in person will also receive a complimentary buffet lunch and refreshments throughout the day.

Phone now to reserve your place 01623 556234.

Testimonials from delegates who have recently completed Using Mindfulness with Clients in Mindfulness:

The Mindfulness workshop delivered by Julie Hurst has been an amazing and useful experience for me.  Julie comes as a very experienced, skilful, entertaining and fun mindfulness trainer.  Besides being a very interesting facilitator, Julie provides her trainees with a high quality course content which is clear, fun, accessible, well organised and entertaining.  The course includes a wide range of really useful resources for us to use in various professional contexts.  The materials Julie provides can be used either with children or adults.  I am myself currently using that material along with my new learned skills within mindfulness workshops I am now running in schools. The feedback I am collecting about the content of my workshops is amazing. Everyone (the children, the school staff and parents) seem to benefit from them. The resources provided by Julie are well adapted to a school context use. I also have to say that the mindfulness certificate Julie provided us gave me the credibility and confidence I needed to approach schools in order to offer them my mindfulness workshops. I am very thankful for the opportunity I had to be part of that mindfulness course and I highly encourage anyone interested in applying mindfulness techniques with clients to get into that amazing course!  S.D.

Deciding to take the ‘Using mindfulness with clients’ qualification with Julie led to me establishing several successful mindfulness programmes of my own almost immediately! Julie’s teaching style was perfect to allow this to happen: fun, practical and informative. I couldn’t recommend her more. M A.

Julie is a font of knowledge.  A brilliant workshop which enables you to learn not only practical Mindful exercises but the science behind it.  The Hospitality provided by Margaret and Clem was, as usual excellent.  A great place to train! GD

Amazing as always.  Thank you xx YA

Lots of information and even more to look at when I get home.  Great pace over the two days  CG

A really useful course full of information but also opportunities to practice. Just the right balance LO

Thank you, great course once again!!  JM

Fantastic weekend – great course – Thank you all  JC

Meeting and working with like minded people is a pure blessing.  I have gained more curiosity with my new skills.  My mind and heart are open and I feel blessed.  Thank you very much to you all – you are magical x RH

Extremely interesting and useful to me M.B.

Loads of information clearly presented – well worth attending.  Plus the best food I’ve ever had on a course.  P.S.

Very informative and totally met and exceeded my expectations.  I feel that I did my best with what I knew but now I feel confident and empowered to bring this information to school – both the children and staff.  Thank you Julie this has been an awesome weekend N.J.

An interesting and enjoyable course. I’ve learned a lot and hope to run some small mindfulness sessions in the future.  Thank you.  S.R.

Very useful and an enjoyable day!  S.P.

Excellent standard of content, presentation and venue  P.M.

Fantastic workshop in a very relaxed atmosphere  M.W.

Loved it – Can’t wait for the Advanced Course RH

I have found this workshop AMAZING! I enjoyed every minute. Julie you are so inspiring Thank you! and to Margaret and Clem for the warm welcome as always LS


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