Parts Therapy & Effective Techniques to Grow Your Practice


Don’t miss the opportunity to learn Dr Roet’s unique Parts Therapy techniques in Autumn 2021  Live Via Zoom

Date:  4th September 2021  – 10am to 4pm

Discounted Rate for members of the GHR, NCH and BIH: £150 (standard price £170)


Phone 01623 556234 to book your place, or EMAIL US


Don’t miss the opportunity to Learn Dr Brian Roet’s unique Parts Therapy techniques in Autumn 2021

His workshop is aimed at teaching Parts Therapy and a variety of other new skills to qualified hypnotherapists – whether just starting or fully experienced.

During his forty years of experience using hypnotherapy, Dr Roet has learnt many techniques which can be used for a variety of problems and issues.  This workshop will teach delegates by demonstration, discussion, handouts and practice how to use the techniques when working with clients.

Some of the subjects discussed will be – The Inner World; connecting logic and emotion; reducing stress and anxiety; treating panic attacks; using a specific technique he calls “The Projectionist” to change internal pictures.

On the Workshop you will learn:

  1.   Dr Roet’s unique parts therapy technique
  2.   Using metaphors with clients
  3.   Understanding unconscious messages
  4.   How to gain deeper empathy and connection with the client
  5.   Improve communication with the client
  6.   Understand the importance of clean language
  7.   Practice Dr Roet’s unique techniques to use with clients

Your Tutor:  Dr Brian Roet

Dr Roet was a G.P. and Anaesthetist in Melbourne, Australia before moving to London over 30 years ago.  He has practiced psychotherapy and hypnotherapy for the last three decades and now has over 15,000 hours experience of therapy with clients.
Dr. Roet has written extensively on Hypnosis, Confidence, and Feelings—all relevant to his therapy, and runs workshops in the U.K and overseas. His detailed works are often used as hypnosis textbooks and all are available on


A very interesting and positive experience. Chance to practice was really helpful.  Brian you are an inspiration and I value how willing you are to give yourself so openly – the photo is a bonus!  Margaret and Clem what wonderful hospitality!! x  SDT

Such a great day, I’ve been looking forward to today and it gave me lots to take away.  I really like the practical elements and being able to put things into practise.  Thank you Brian SL

It really wasn’t what I expected, but it has had a profound impact on me and was so valuable LS

I really enjoyed this workshop, fun too, it will be very beneficial to clients LS

A great days training, I now understand parts doesn’t have to be so complicated – wonderful lunch too LR

Lots of new tools for my toolbox KJ

It’s always such a pleasure to work with Dr Roet     BC

Very useful and really enjoyable with the bonus of a great group of people  AM

All of the content will be of value to me in my practice – I look forward to using Parts Therapy with my clients  KT

What a great approach to Parts Therapy – down to earth and very understandable.  Dr Roet has a great sense of humour and there was a good balance of practical and theory  MC

I’m very glad I attended  AC


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