Sport Psychology

Whatever the sport may be, there will always be challenges along the way.  But it’s how you handle those challenges that will determine whether you are successful or not. 

It is inevitable that people  make mistakes in what ever is their chosen sport.  If that happens what are you going to do?  Are you going to beat yourself up mentally or move on to a more successful future.   Maybe you have lost your confidence in competitions.  Maybe you have a mental block or a lack of focus and concentration in your chosen sport.  Your problem might be a fear of failure or it could be even a fear of success which is holding you back.  It could even be a lack of belief in yourself.

The power of the mind has an amazing effect on the physiology of the body.

The greatest sport athletes and winners are people who have learned to combat negative thoughts and concentrate instead on thinking successfully.

Clem Turner combines Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to help many different sports people achieve their full potential.  Our Practice has over 10 years experience in helping clients reach the top of their game whether it is swimming, equestrian eventing, ice skating, skiing, golf, martial arts, snooker or football.

Renowned world-class swimmer Adam Walker
Adam and Gemma celebrating Adam’s amazing achievement

Adam Walker is the first British man to swim the toughest seven Oceans in the World!

It has been my privilege to work on a regular basis with Adam Walker who is a marathon endurance swimmer of the highest calibre. Adam set out on an incredible journey in open water swimming that changed his life.   He  holds the British record for the fastest Gibraltar Strait crossing together with his friend Chris Sheppard.  Adam and Chris were the first British people to do a double crossing.

In order to complete the Oceans 7 challenge Adam has successfully swum through some of the deadliest and toughest oceans. His swims included the Molokai straits where he was the first British person to cross.  He also swam from the North to the South Island in New Zealand.  During that swim he had the wonderful experience of swimming with a pod of dolphins.  He has now completed the Oceans 7 challenge which are the hardest 7 oceans on the planet.  He is the fifth person in the World to complete the challenge, the second person to complete all swims at the first attempt and first British person to complete the feat.

Now Adam is inspiring others, sharing his sport experiences with training camps, swimming lessons and motivational speeches for businesses and schools worldwide.   Click HERE to order his highly inspirational book. 
Adam Walker's excellent book titled Man vs Ocean

Testimonial from Adam Walker:

Clem Turner and Margaret Turner are incredible hypnotherapists. Both have helped me so much over the years. I first met them in 2008 when they both came highly recommended by a friend. I was planning to swim the English Channel but was worried my injuries may stop me. After starting to work with Clem, he taught me many things on how to focus the mind, block out negative thoughts and develop a winning mind set. Not only did I swim the English Channel which took 11 hours 35 mins of constant swimming but I then went on to complete 6 more channel swims and became the First British person to swim the toughest 7 Ocean Swims in the World without any failed attempts.

Both Clem and Margaret have been a huge factor in this! Ocean swimming is at least 80% mind set, the skills I have learnt over the years have been invaluable and helped me across the swims. He and his wife Margaret Turner who has also taught me a lot are no doubt the best in their field. If you need support, I would highly recommend you contact them. The help they can give you may change your life! I know they helped change mine!   A.W.

To find out more about Adam Walker click here

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