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If you have been thinking that you should stop smoking you’re on the right page.  Clients that come to us to stop smoking have very often tried all the conventional treatments such as patches and gum.  The reason Hypnotherapy works so well for stopping smoking is that through hypnosis the hypnotherapist is able to persuade your subconscious mind that smoking is an outdated and unwanted habit.

Let us explain further:

You have probably heard the terms conscious mind and subconscious mind.  The conscious mind is the part of the mind that thinks, learns, reasons, rationalizes things and makes decisions.  Once the conscious mind has received enough information it will pass it onto the subconscious mind.  Think of the subconscious mind as being the automatic part of your mind where everything you have ever learned is stored.

Just as we learn good habits like walking, speaking a language or driving, we also learn bad habits such as smoking.

Once you become a smoker on a regular basis the habit goes into your subconscious. Eventually you no longer smoke on a conscious level and therefore the conscious mind is no longer in control. Your conscious mind can try as hard as it likes to stop smoking, but the subconscious will just carry on the habit because that’s what it’s been programmed to do.

How does Hypnotherapy work?

By using Hypnotherapy we can talk to the subconscious part of the mind with a view to persuading it to overwrite that outdated, unwanted habit of smoking.  Our methods can not only help you to stop smoking but could also help you to feel mentally calmer, more relaxed, more confident and also more positive in your everyday life.

Providing you are fully committed to stopping smoking this two hour session could be all you need to save your life.  But we don’t have a magic wand and a hypnotherapist cannot make you do anything your conscious mind doesn’t agree with.  BUT if you genuinely WANT to stop smoking and are committed to that decision then our Smoking Freedom Programme can work well for you.

Our Stop Smoking Treatment Programme

Our treatment programme is two hours long and incorporates the most up to date techniques available to help you stop smoking permanently.

During the session we also teach you some ‘mind tool’ techniques.  These will help to demolish any possible cigarette cravings after the session.  The ‘mind tools’ can also help you to reduce your stress levels and feel calmer.  The techniques we teach you will help to create a focus on what you want to change and help to turn negative thoughts into positive ones.


Here is a recent testimonial from a couple who stopped smoking with us:

“Well its been four weeks today and we are happy to say that we are doing really good, since our session with you we have not touched a cigarette.  My partner found it a lot easier than me, he didn’t seem to have as many cravings as I did.  But with your help and the information provided I managed to keep focused..  So on that note we are both very grateful to you and look forward to a healthier life”   HD

Consider these 10 facts that you should know about smoking

  1. Smoking is already affecting your health in many ways and you may not be fully aware of them all.
  2. It affects your immune system, making you more vulnerable to illness caused by viruses or other infections
  3. It affects your body’s wound healing processes and interfering with your brain and nervous system making you more susceptible to stress, anxiety and depression.
  4. Smoking has been filling your lungs with invisible, odourless, tasteless, carbon monoxide gas.  This drains your energy levels by preventing your blood from taking up oxygen.
  5. Current research shows that the average smoker will die TEN YEARS prematurely on average; some researchers put this figure even higher
  6. The last few decades of life can be particularly miserable as the habit catches up with them.
  7. Most of the cost of a packet of cigarettes goes to the Government.
  8. Smoking makes your clothes, hair and breath stink and can cause your teeth to decay
  9. Smoking causes wrinkling of the skin, especially around the eyes and mouth.
  10. Most smokers use cigarettes to calm their nerves, but cigarettes are powerful stimulants.  Smoking does the complete opposite and smokers might as well be injecting adrenaline to relax and cope with stress. Smoking just makes you more and more stressed the more you smoke. You might as well bang your head on a wall to get rid of a headache.

You owe it to yourself and your family to stop smoking !Stop smoking now

Please contact me, Margaret Turner for further information. I am an Accredited Practitioner of Central Register of Stop Smoking Therapists (CRSST), and most of my clients have been referred to me by people who have successfully stopped smoking by using my programme.

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