What is Clinical Hypnotherapy?

what is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is fast gaining credibility and popularity as a way to overcome the stresses and strains of everyday life.

What is hypnotherapy? It has been around since the 19th century but over the years has undergone many changes.

The main aim of Hypnotherapy is self-healing and self-change and can be very effective. It deals with negative thoughts and ideas, distressing feelings, anxiety and stress. It also addresses related conditions such as insomnia and panic attacks. Hypnotherapy is also highly suitable for treating fears, phobias and long-term habits such as smoking and weight problems. Hypnotherapy is equally as effective in enhancing and improving areas such as confidence building, public speaking and sports performance.

So… tell me more?

Hypnotherapy is a safe procedure when it is employed by a qualified responsible and experienced practitioner. The best way to think of hypnosis is as a state of deep relaxation and focus. During this, the conscious mind becomes detached from everyday worries and the subconscious part of the mind is more open to suggestion.  In this deeply relaxed state the Hypnotherapist can make suggestions that change long standing thoughts, fears or unwanted feelings, and behaviours that would otherwise seem difficult, if not impossible to change.

In a hypnotherapy session, you remain fully aware of your surroundings and of the Hypnotherapist. You will not be “under control”. The feeling is one of deep, pleasant relaxation combined with an enhanced ability to focus on dealing with the issue(s) involved, without other thoughts intruding in. Guided by your Hypnotherapist, you will see more clearly what the underlying causes are. You are then able to create a long-lasting solution. 


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