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Menopausal Matters

menopause issues can be successfully treated

Menopausal Matters

We live in enlightened times. The menopause is now a widely discussed subject, not hidden away like it used to be. Years ago women ‘suffered in silence’, sometimes not even discussing their menopausal symptoms with family and friends – it was a very taboo subject.

Fortunately now women feel that they can talk about their symptoms without fear of criticism or disapproval.  Indeed, it’s a fact that discussing problems with like-minded people helps with the mental process people go through during the menopause.

There are effective menopausal treatments

But it isn’t a process you have to go through without any help.  In fact the British Medical Journal actually recommend alternative menopausal treatments.  For instance, we provide Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, which are highly effective with menopausal symptoms. 

Some symptoms can include:

Anxiety – Hypnotherapy can calm anxiety and reduce worry and stress

Insomnia – The state of hypnosis is a suspension in the alpha-theta state and sleep is the next stage.  Although people do not automatically go to sleep in hypnosis, listening to a Hypnotherapy MP3 download in the comfort of their own home can take listeners into a wonderful refreshing night’s sleep.

Hot flushes – The treatments we use in this practice can help women to overcome those overpowering and overwhelming hot flushes by hypnotherapy and the power of visualization.

Irritability – once again the treatments our practice offer can help with anger and irritability leaving a calmer and more relaxed state of mind.

Weight Gain – Our practice has an excellent weight management programme. It’s available to anyone who has gained weight during the menopause or at any other time.

It’s a natural process

Don’t suffer in silence – the menopause happens to all women – there’s no escape. That said, it is a perfectly natural process of transition and not a disease which needs medical attention.

Use our methods and treatments to free yourself from menopausal symptoms and start living the happy healthy life you deserve.

So if you’re in the Nottinghamshire, South Yorkshire or Lincolnshire areas, we are close enough to see you face to face in our Therapy Rooms. We also provide the same service via Zoom for those further away (worldwide).


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