Dealing with Grief and Loss

dealing with grief

As Therapists, we regularly work with clients who are dealing with grief and loss after the death of a loved one. 

During recent months much of our work has been helping those who are feeling overwhelmed by grief or feeling stuck in their grief after losing someone.

There is no “right way” to feel when someone dies, and we will all have experience of losing someone close at some time in our lives, this is something we have no control over. 

The feeling of having no control can complicate the way we deal with loss and grief, and it certainly isn’t made any easier by the uncertain world we are currently living in.

Talking openly about death

As a nation, we traditionally struggle to talk openly about death.  For much of 2020 however, deaths have dominated headlines and, in many ways, has brought the conversation of death out more into the open.

Social distancing rules and restrictions have meant that it has been impossible for people to attend funerals in the usual way, so it’s not surprising that people are struggling to cope with their feelings long after that person has died.

Time helps when dealing with grief

Grief comes in stages and in waves and nothing can replace the person who has died.  There will be dark times when it seems that nothing will ever be right again – but there will be better days when it is possible to hope and once again believe in the future.  Healing does happen, but slowly.  The old saying ‘Time is a great healer’ is very true after losing someone, although it may not seem so initially.

There is no “one size fits all” therapeutic approach that works because everyone is different.  We can help to guide our clients through the five main difficult stages of grief such as shock, pain, guilt, anger, and depression.

We can help

It is about taking the time to talk about your feelings and look after your wellbeing all the way through the healing process.  We can help you to deal with the death of a loved one, and to find a balance between keeping busy and allowing yourself to experience your grief.

We are here to help and offer our support.


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